About Alpha

Success has, and always will be, an accumulation of the choices a person makes from a positive mental starting point. It’s something that we remind ourselves of daily, as well as projecting on to our members.

AlphaHPF started life an idea. An idea to bring consistent top quality training materials into a single space. A place where no one was left short-changed in the pursuit of their fitness goals by way of lack of facility.

It also started life small – a gather up of friends, family and local health enthusiasts were the first crop of paying members when we opened our doors in January 2019.

By March 2020, we had outgrown our humble beginnings – opening our state of the art gym and wellbeing amenity at Mill Hill Enterprise Centre in Castlewellan, a matter of days before the outbreak of Covid 19 on home shores.

Our best laid plans in tatters as lockdown took hold, the decision to channel our misfortune in a bid to reward our loyal members saw Alpha become a viral internet sensation, grossly inflating our reach and popularity overnight.

Whilst we expand, we strive to stay humble. Alpha will always remain loyal to it’s roots, to that first idea and to those in the local South Down community that continue to support us on our journey.

A consensus of fun and facility will always be at the centre of what we do, but always bearing in mind that at “your gym”, success is never accidental.